Physical Therapy

Welcome to Just Be Fit, Inc.

At Just Be Fit, Inc. Exercise Based Rehabilitation, our mission is to restore our clients' independence through expert evaluations motivation and state-of-the-art equipment. We provide comprehensive physical therapy services to treat our clients at every stage of rehabilitation, from preventive care to acute and chronic injuries. We individualize our treatment plans to help you return to the lifetyle you want in the best possible condition.

Exercise Based Rehabilitation was created to be a stepping stone for individuals of all ages who experience chronic pain and/or discomfort in their daily life. This program is perfect for individuals that have finished medical based rehabilitation, physical therapy, or chiropractic care and are looking for on-going out patient rehabilitation care.

Our approach emphasizes the concept of functional exercise to improve or maintain the gains made in physical therapy or other rehabilitation experiences.

Just Be Fit, Inc. is dedicated to the treatment process of the whole person, the entire body, as well as, specific symptoms and special physical needs. Quality therapy must address the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of each individual person. We carefully evaluate each individual’s current conditions and through one-on-one rehabilitation programs, meet the specific needs and goals of our patients.

Our motto is: Exercise is the key to long term management of most medical conditions. Our services have allowed our clients to improve their level of function, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. We are extremely proud of our successes.

View the Common Injuries of the Body Below:

Our Mission- "Expanding Possibilities & Enhancing lives"

View the Common Injuries of the Body Below:

Living Life Independently
Whole Body Approach To
Therapy = Success
Living Life To Its Fullest Potential
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