Exercised Based Rehabilitation

How We Work With Insurance Issues

We file with all major insurance companies. We would be glad to check your insurance benefits prior to your appointment to check for coverage. We strongly suggest that you read your policy manual as it pertains to physical therapy coverage. Many insurance companies have stiuplations, such as usual & customary fees (UCR), limited therapy sessions, limited reimburasable amounts per session, deductibles, co-payments, supplies, etc. Such stipulations should be indicated in your policy manual. Otherwise, one of our office managers will go over your beenfits with you prior to to your first appointment. We are glad to offer reasonable payment plans. Unless 100% coverage has been verified, you are responsible for the percentage &/or deductible not covered by your insurance company.

New Patients

All new patients at Just Be Fit, Inc. are required to fill out paperwork prior to their first session. To save time, you can print out the forms and bring them with you to your first appointment. If you have questions about the forms, please contact our office at 847-444-1348.

Personal Touch
Individual Attention
Compehensive Treatment Program
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