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In Our Patient's Own Words

"I can walk! No, I mean really walk! When all other therapists felt there was no more they could do for me, Aaron took me on as a patient. He took the inititive to learn my disease. He plans each session in advance and thrives on helping his patients. Thank you so much."
Marilyn Fisher

"My wife talked me into going to Just Be Fit after my knee surgery. I had arthroscopic knee surgery and was looking for rehab exercises. I had done a session of PT which was not helpful. I was also looking for a structured exercise program for weight control and general strength and health. It is now 3 years after I started. I have no knee pain and my strength is much greater in my legs and whole body. My energy level is greater, and I feel more fit. Furthermore, at my last cholesterol check, my levels had gone below 200 for the first time. I cannot recommend Just Be Fit any higher. I look forward to my sessions and feel that everyone should make exercise part of their lives."
Dr. Joseph Mishell

Marianna Vickovich, R.KT, has been working with patients in my office with great success for the past year. She has been able to help patients with both chronic and acute pain. She is a concummate professional wiht a terrifice ability to create productively healthy relationships with our patients.
Not only am I impressed with Marianne's knwoledge-base in anatomy and biomechanics, she has achieved profound improvements in both patient outcomes and compliancy. She is an asset to our clinic.
Jeffrey Henson, DC, CKTP
Clinical Director/Founder
North Suburban Wellness, LLC

Dear Aaron,
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the care you have given me over the past three years. After having back surgery, I felt that I would always be weak and unable to perform many of the daily activities that I used to take for granted. With your sincere compassion, honesty, and motivating techniques, I am so relieved that my greatest fears have dissapeared and I have regained my emotional and physical strength. The atmosphere and friendship that you and all your clitns and staff share is testimonial to your core values and beliefs. I can honestly say that my life would be much different if I had never been cared by you. Thanks again, and by the way, can you take it easy on me just one time?!"
Dennis Weil

"I arrived on crutches at Just Be Fit after 4 leg surgeries. 1) It wasn't long before I was back to normal. 2) Today, I never felt better. 3) My rehab has been extremely successful and has put me back on my feet."
Marshall Potterton

"In her role as an instructor for our knee injury prevention program for teenage girls, Marianne Vickovich provided exper instruction and attention to each of her students. Much of the success of our program can be attributed to her dedication and enthusiasm for injury prevention and wellness."

Cynthia LaBella, MD
Medical Director
Institute for Sport Medicine
Children's Memorial Hospital

"I had a stroke almost 4 years ago that severely limited my automaticity related to balance and walking. Being a teacher for a number of years gives me the insight to identify excellence in teaching and teaching practices. Aaron uses unique techniques enabling me to walk better. He is able to assess individual needs and designs and implements strategies to improve the daily living needs of the individual. I am very grateful to Aaron for the improvement I have made since working with him. He clearly understands and is able to communicate the fine points of gait dynamics."

Nancy Abrams

Marianne has been an excellent addition to our integrative medical team. She has worked with some challenging clients, coming up with individualized, effective training sessions tailored to the patient's medical conditions. I am impressed with her detail and comprehensive care. I know that when I place a pateint in her hands, the patient will be very well taken care of.
Dr. Trupti Gokani
Neurologist, North Suburban Wellness

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